Frequently Asked


What is your COVID-19 cleaning policy?1/23
Each of our vehicles is thoroughly cleaned between every rental. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points including:

• Key / key fob
• Steering wheel
• Steering column
• Seat belts
• Center console
• Door interiors
• Door pockets
• Interior door handles
• Exterior door handles
• Seat pockets / seat surfaces
• Areas between seats & consoles
• Areas between seats & doorjambs
• Cupholders / compartments
• Instrument panel
• Stove, Fridge, and sink
• Rearview mirror / side mirrors
• Visors / visor mirrors
• Dashboard / vents
• Gear stick / gear shift
• Hatch area and release
• Among any other high-touch areas

We do not outsource our cleaning to any third party companies. We also have measures in place to immediately isolate and quarantine any vehicle if needed. Rubber gloves and mask worn for cleaning and pick-up / drop-off. All linens are washed using a high-temp cleaning cycle (+2hr) with environmentally friendly detergents and bleach.
What is your cancellation policy?2/23
All camper rentals require 30 days cancellation notice for full refund. 14 days prior to departure is a 50% refund. Anything less than 14 days prior, there is no refund.

If you must cancel a reservation within 30 days, we can offer you a credit to be used within one year.

Camp Junkie reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time (including at pick-up) due to natural disasters, changes in business conditions, unforeseen natural occurrences, or other situations that would make renting a van unsafe. This includes but is not limited to a renter showing up intoxicated or otherwise unable to safely operate the vehicle. In the event of a Camp Junkie initiated cancellation, a full refund will be issued.

While we will do our best to place you in the van you have reserved, the nature of renting vintage vehicles is such that from time to time we have to make a last minute substitution. All of our vans are "equal" in quality and if we are unable to provide you with the van of your choice we cannot provide any discount or refund.
How do I pick-up & drop-off?3/23
We are located in New Westminster and in the spirit of COVID-19, we now do contactless pick-up and drop-off where our vans are located at 97 Braid Street, New Westminster, BC.

Vans are generally available for pick up after 11:00am on the starting day of your rental and due back by 2:00pm on the last day of your rental. Please check with us in advance if you need changes to this, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Because our next series of renters are waiting for your van, it's very important that the drop-off times are adhered to. Late drop offs will result in an additional full day rental charged for dropping off more than 3 hours past arranged time. Similarly, we are unable to accommodate early pick-ups unless previously arranged.

Please don't return your rental totally trashed. We detail each van in between rentals, but an excessively dirty van will incur an additional $150 cleaning fee.

If you want to pick-up the vehicle in Vancouver but drop it off somewhere else, or vice versa we're open to that and can meet you. You can add it to your trip using the online reservation tool as an add-on.
What are your seasonal windows and rates?4/23
October 1 - May 1: Off-Season
May 2 - June 15: Shoulder-Season
June 16 - Sept 30: Peak-Season
How many people can fit in a van for the week?5/23
Our vans seat and sleep 4 Adults. That said, we find the vans work best with a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. We have seen 2 adults and 3 children work, but this either requires very cozy sleeping arrangements or an additional tent setup.
Is renting a Vintage Van a good idea with kids?6/23
100%! Kids love vans ... a lot. Car seats do fit in the vans and while we certainly have seen people fit three kids in back on the bench seat, it's a tight squeeze and not entirely recommended. We can help provide car seats if you are not traveling with them, just let us know in advance. Please be aware that rear facing (infant) car seats are secured in with only the 3-point seat belt (front-seat only) in our Vanagons. We do offer latch systems for the rear seats for further safety.
Do you offer one-way rentals?7/23
At this point no.
How far can I drive?8/23
Westfalia rentals need a bit more 'care’ then your average car. We find it's best for the vans to not push them too hard, and the most effective way to help with that is to have a daily kilometre limit. You get 150km (or 120 miles) per day included with the vehicle, but if you think you'll exceed that, you should evaluate beforehand if you'll need to purchase additional mileage packages. These need to be added at the time of booking and Camp Junkie will calculate any overages once the vehicle is returned which would be added to the final invoice.
What happens if the vehicle breaks down?9/23
While we rent only the most reliable and thoroughly checked vans, there is always the chance of a mechanical mishap.

In the unlikely event you have a mechanical issue, we are reachable at most reasonable hours to help immediately troubleshoot. Our insurance packages (except Basic) come with Roadside Assistance but in all cases, text or WhatsApp Camp Junkie first and we can point you in the right direction. Most problems can be fixed in real time, and with no disruption to your trip. In the event you need to visit a repair shop, we maintain strong relationships with many shops. Almost any non-catastrophic failure can be handled by any of these shops and you will be back on the road in no time.

You will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures that occur as a result of normal driving. If you have to abandon ship for repairs, we will do our best to get you back on the road as soon as possible, however we will only reimburse you for any night you are not able to physically sleep in the van. Camp Junkie is also not responsible for any costs associated with other reservations such as hotels, flights, and ferries. If anything happens, call us first.

These vans are 30 years old and you should seriously embark on your journey with an understanding of the possibility that something could come up. In most cases, a minor breakdown in a van actually becomes one of the most memorable parts of your journey. This is not something that we hope happens, but we have seen lifelong connections made from strangers offering assistance. It's all part of the magic.
Can I take the van off-roading?10/23
All of our vehicles are 2-wheel drive. As such, they are not suited for off-roading. We request that you stay to paved roads or well-graded and well-cleared forest service roads. We cannot be responsible for towing or damage if you do take your van down a washboarded, washed out, or extremely overgrown road. We also recommend you avoid the Coquihalla Highway as the vans tend to overheat on that stretch of road. If you do choose to travel on those roads, be very mindful that it is easy to get stuck. Your van has 24-hour roadside assistance to help in these situations, but the cost will be yours to bear.
What’s it like travelling in a Van?11/23
Our vans are best suited for travel in the BC. If you desire to roam further, just let us know and we can make sure it's within reason. These longer trips often require a minimum rental of at least 10 nights. With travel restrictions in place, travel to the US is off-limits until things get back to normal.
Do you offer discounts for longer bookings?12/23
Totally. For rentals longer than 10 nights, we offer a 15% discount. If you wish to rent a van for longer than two weeks, please contact us to discuss.

We also offer a series of discounts including Returning Renters (10%) and Early Booking (5%). However, the total amount of combined discounts cannot exceed 15%.
Is there a deposit needed for the reservation?13/23
Yes. This happens at the time of booking. A 50% deposit is taken to hold your reservation
When will my credit card be charged for the balance of my rental amount?14/23
The remainder of your trip balance is charged 7 days prior to your trip. We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard and Amex.
Do I need to pay a security deposit?15/23
A $1000 security deposit is required against damage, unreasonable use, or excessive cleaning requirements. The Security Deposit will be returned less any charges if applicable, in the same format it was received. We try to make every effort to return the security deposit at time of vehicle return, however we reserve the right to return the security deposit up to 7 days after vehicle rental returned. This charge is automatically made to your credit card used for reservations 2 days prior to pick up. Any damages that occur to your van or Camp Junkie property will be deducted from your security deposit.
What's the deal with insurance?16/23
Insurance is required on all our rentals and must be obtained. Our current provider offers three levels of protection that range in price from $36.95 to $49.95/day. All packages come with full comprehensive and collision coverage. The packages are as follows:

Basic Insurance: Auto Damage (up to vehicle cash value) and Liability (up to $2M).
Essential Insurance: Auto Damage (up to vehicle cash value), Liability (up to $2M) and 24hrs Roadside Assistance.
Peace of Mind Insurance: Auto Damage (up to vehicle cash value), Liability (up to $5M) and 24hrs Roadside Assistance.

We wish the insurance thing was simpler — rest assured we make absolutely nothing on this part of the rental. That said, if you want to bring additional coverage from your credit card company for example - check with them first.

If an insurance related event occurs, the renter, pays the deductible via Wheelbase. Camp Junkie creates the claim post-trip and it is processed through Wheelbase and the respective insurance company. Please consult the Terms & Policies for additional information on insurance.
Any age or licensing restrictions?17/23
You need to be at least 25 years old and have a valid class 5 license or international equivalent to rent our vehicles. You'll need to list who will be driving the vehicle and provide driver's license numbers at the time of booking. There is no cost to add additional drivers.
Can I bring a pet?18/23
As much as we love pets, we don't allow pets in our rentals.
Can I smoke in the van?19/23
There is absolutely no smoking in the vans. At the discretion of Camp Junkie, a $150 cleaning fee will be added if the van is returned smelling like cigarettes. That said, outside you can smoke whatever you like. :).
What are your vans like to drive?20/23
Being the old beauties that they are, you must take extra care with some of the features. We’ve put a lot into making these vans as safe and roadworthy as possible, with monthly maintenance and regularly scheduled mechanical tune-ups These classic VW vans are essentially "vintage" - being well over 30yrs old in most cases.

It’s no Tesla, so you’ll have to be okay dealing with no AC or power windows. They creak. They make odd sounds. It’s part of the adventure. They tend to get a lot more looks, are extremely fun to drive, and are generally more evocative of the classic VW experience.  

Vanagons are extremely underpowered by modern standards. How does 90 horsepower in a 5000lb vehicle sound? Let’s just say steep hills are not an enjoyable experience if you’re in a hurry (stay to the right!). This lack of propulsion means that in many cases you’re almost forced to take the secondary roads if you want to actually keep up with traffic. What some would find annoying has turned out to be one of the best things about these vans. When you’re in the van, you’re not getting anywhere in a hurry, so your state of mind changes. It’s refreshing to take your time and appreciate the journey as you cruise along. Keep an eye out for flashing headlights and big smiles from other Westfalia owners. Welcome to the club.
What’s it like on gas?21/23
Gas mileage isn’t the best. It only gets 25kms to the gallon, so you’ll be filling up often. But that’s okay – it gives you more time to stop, take it slow, and enjoy what’s around you! All our vans take regular unleaded gas. No diesel here.
What’s up with the fridge?22/23
A refrigerator that can make ice - this is not. Though these fridges are in good working order, it is only capable of keeping food about 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (or 20-25 degrees Celsius) below ambient air temperature. That means it will struggle to keep food at safe temperatures when temps inside the van exceed 90-100ºF or 32-38ºC. We pre-chill the fridge before pickup so you get a good start. Try to use pre-chilled food whenever possible, so the fridge needn’t struggle to get/stay cold. Worst case we also can provide coolers if you need more room and cooling power.
What’s included in my rental?23/23
Camp Junkie will provide you with almost everything you'll need for a fun and seamless trip. Our vans are designed for you to hit the road. You truly need nothing - we’ve got you covered! Here is what our base vehicles include.

• Every one of our vans has a fridge.
• Pop-top tent with windows - sleeps 2 people.
• Bench seat that converts to a bed and sleeps 2 people.
• Full black-out curtain set for privacy while sleeping.
• Front Captain-chair swivel seats.
• Bluetooth sound system.
• New tires for better handling and safety.
• Plates, bowls, cups, thermal mugs and eating utensils for 4.
• A full complement of cookware.
• Pots & pans: 12" cast iron skillet & small and large pots for use on the stove.
• Paper and disposable items (paper towels, ziplock bags, toilet paper, etc).
• Dish washing soap, sponges, and towels for washing.
• Selection of spices, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, and mayo packages.
• Corkscrew, wineglasses, beer coolers.
• French press coffee maker.
• 64 oz. Hydro-Flask beer growler.
• Trash and recycling bags.
• 2 Headlamps.
• Rechargeable lanterns.
• Matches, fire starters, lighter and an axe.
• Quick set-up camping table.
• Folding camp chairs.
• Multi-tool for whittling at the camp site.
• Fuel-less camp stove.
• Sheets and pillows.
• Outdoor carpeting to keep the van clean.
+ lots of extras to make things enjoyable…